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The Kelowna Apple Triathlon Society

The Kelowna Apple Triathlon Society

About Us

The Kelowna Apple Triathlon hosted the very first World Championships in 1988. Even though that event was an unofficial World Championship, it was followed the next year by the formation of the International Triathlon Union and the first official World Championships in France in 1989. The Kelowna Apple Triathlon also hosted the Canadian National Triathlon Championships in 1992. It was Canadian Simon Whitfield's first national event. Simon went on to win the Olympic Gold Medal in the very first year that Triathlon became an Olympic sport in Sydney, Australia, in 2000 and then won the Olympic Silver Medal in 2008 in Beijing, China.
The Apple was awarded National Championships for Elite and Age Group participants for 2004, 2005, and 2008 to 2011. It has been recognized as an International Triathlon Union (ITU) event since 2005.

The Mission

To provide a world class sporting event, featuring safe and fun races for every ability, age and experience level.

Give exposure to the Okanagan region and Kelowna by attracting athletes and spectators and giving them a great experience and a good reason to return.

To provide the community and sponsors with an opportunity to be active participants or supporters of the event.

The Vision of the Kelowna Apple Triathlon Society is to provide Canada with a high quality triathlon event, recognized nationally and internationally by the triathlon and sports community .


We Care About

Health and Wellness

Contact Information

Dave McCoubrey