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Community Outreach Coordinator

Hosted by: The Justice League of Ohio


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Chelsea Gensler

About Community Outreach Coordinator


The Justice League of Ohio is a non-profit legal services organization whose mission is to protect the constitutional and statutory rights of victims of crime. We achieve this mission by providing free legal assistance to victims of crime to protect their rights, community outreach and education about crime victims’ rights, and by providing crime victims rights training to nurses, counselors, social workers, advocates, law enforcement, prosecutors, courts, and parole/probation officers.

The Justice League of Ohio is seeking two Volunteer Community Outreach Coordinators to work with the executive director to schedule forty :30 presentations regarding victims’ rights and the services provided by the Justice League of Ohio. Volunteer will receive victims’ rights training and work closely with the executive director. Volunteers who wish to expand upon the scheduling role have the opportunity to become Justice League Ambassadors and provide community presentations.

Application Process

Must live in Ohio
Please just email Chelsea your resume

We're looking for volunteers who:

Care about:

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    Social Justice
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    Women's Issues
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    Community Advocacy
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Are a skilled:

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