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Adopt a Page in History

Hosted by: The Greater Pittston Historical Society


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Greater Pittston Hhistorical Society

About Adopt a Page in History

We need help transcribing hand written historical records. Pages of books can be copied and sent via email so anyone anywhere is able to help us complete this massive project. We have found it's difficult for one person to take on an entire book because it's a very laboring process. Disbursing a few pages at a time among several people will greatly speed up archiving them all. Primarily the pages are from Pittston city government records. We have been asked by other organizations to archive their written records as well, such as those from churches that are not in existence anymore. IF we can get a good reliable volunteer base to pick up the pace there will be many other opportunities to preserve history in this same manner. Give it a try! It's very easy to do!

Application Process

This is a project good for either 2 people - one reads the document while the other types, or if you have speech-to-text software that as you read out loud it records the text into your computer. We would prefer the text file to be in WORD format if possible. PDF and Microsoft publisher files are acceptable too.

We're looking for volunteers who:

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  • Education

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  • Talker
  • Techie
  • Wordsmith

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  • Intellectual Pursuits
  • Reading & Writing

We need volunteers to help with:

Select Council Minutes Book 1913 Transcription Project

November 20, 2014 12:00am
This task is filled or completed
We need volunteers to transcribe digitized pages of hand written minutes of the Pittston City Council from 1913. There are 87 pages in this book. If each volunteer took one page we would need 87 volunteers to complete this book. However, once a volunteer completes a page they can adopt more pages. Volunteers will find it isn't that hard to transcribe a page. Once you do a few pages it actually gets easier as you get familiar with the writing style and can go even faster. If 87 people each take one page we could have the book done in no time at all. If volunteers take 5 or 10 pages to transcribe it can go even faster and we can get more books transcribed and online sooner.

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