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Our Wish List

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Sara McCarthy

About Our Wish List

The following is a list of items we would like for our youth development, healthy living, and
family strengthening programs. For more information, please contact Sara McCarthy at or 603.782.2803.

THE GRANITE YMCA Youth Opportunities Unlimited Programs START, STAY, and STRIVE
• #2 Pencils
• Markers
•Sidewalk Chalk
•Printer Cartridges
•Printer Paper
•Construction Paper
•Color Tissue Paper
•Arts and Crafts Supplies
•Board Games
•Reading Books (Grade 1 - 5 English as a Second Language readers)
•DVD Movies
•Educational Software
•Varied Athletic Equipment
•Back Packs
•Book Covers
•Winter Coats/Ski Pants
•Pool Balls & Chalk
•Poster Board
Kid Zone & Free Family Fun
•Arts & Craft Supplies
•Children's Books
•Games (6 - 12 years)
• Journals
• Jump Ropes
•K'nex and other building toys
•High Chairs
•Baby Furniture
•CD Players
•Storage Containers
• Play dough and Play Implements
• Markers/Crayons
After School & School’s Out Programs
•Games for children (6 - 12 years)
•Art supplies such as paints, paper, brushes, trays, collapsible easels, etc
•Playdough and Play Implements
•Notebook Paper
•Pencils/Pencil Sharpeners
• Markers/Crayons
• Journals: composition and spiral notebooks
• Jump Ropes
•Chapter books for grades 1 - 6
•Any recycled materials for art projects (wrapping paper, buttons, cardboard,
wallpaper, yarn etc.)
•CD Players/Kid CD’s
•Calculators/child scissors
•Chalk boards/chalk
•Craft sticks/gimp/colorful duct tape/plain white paper
•Paper towel roll/egg cartons/magnets
Child Development Centers
•Computers in good working condition
•Café curtains for our children’s bathrooms
•Art supplies including wrapping paper, buttons, cardboard, wallpaper, yarn, glitter,
glue, etc. paints, paper, brushes, trays, collapsible easels, etc
•Playdough and Play Implements
• Markers/Crayons
•Picture books for ages toddler to 6
•Old Halloween Costumes
•Toilet Paper Rolls
•Paper Towel Rolls
•Egg Cartons
• Moon Sand
• Light Table(s)
•Full length mirrors for Dramatic Play
•Face Paint
•Child Sized Gardening Tools
•Seeds for next year’s Classroom Garden
•Child Sized Cooking Kits/Utensils
•Kid Friendly Cook Books/Recipes
•Yoga Mats
• Musical Instruments
•Play Silks
•Pillows/Soft Blankets for Quiet Areas
•Picnic Table(s) for Outdoor Space (child sized)
•Corn Starch/Flour/Baking Soda (for cooking/sensory projects)
•Food Coloring
•Drying Racks for Art in Classrooms
•Assorted Jars/Lids for storing Art supplies
•Earth-toned Rugs
•Wood Cookies (lots!)
•Pre-K appropriate Manipulatives
•Books (non-character/Infant-Pre-K)
•1 set Wooden Chairs & Table
•Baby Dolls
•Green (child safe) Classroom Plants
• Indoor Sandboxes
•Water/Sand Tables
•Dry erase markers
•Sand toys
•Seeds for planting
•Bubble wrap
•Water Toys (such as balls, bath tub toys, dive sticks, and rings)
• Life Jackets
•Goggles, fins, masks, snorkels
Health & Wellness Centers
• Stop watches
• Jump ropes-weighted and regular
• Ankle weights
• 5-25lb kettlebell(s)
• Pull-up straps
• Resistance bands
• Ab rollers
• Foam rollers
• Airex Balance pads
YMCA of Greater Londonderry
•Arts & Crafts Supplies
•Soccer Nets
•Children's Books
•Wii Games
•Board Games
•Kids Magazines
•CD Players
•Pencils/Pencil Sharpeners
•Poster Board
• Legos
•Egg Cartons
•Toilet Paper Rolls
•Hoola Hoops
• Jump Ropes
•Computer Games
• Medicine Balls
•Small Hand Weights-Up to 12lbs
•Resistance Bands
• Large mats for Tumbling
• Infant toys
•Wipes for Changing table
•Toddler Toys
•Plastic Storage Containers/Bins
• Metal Folding Chairs
YMCA of Strafford County
• Paper towel and tissue rolls; paper tubes of all kinds
• Paper bags (all sizes)
• Envelopes (make great little gift sacs)
• Paper of all kinds: Copy, lined, index cards, colored
• Used wrapping paper and tissue paper
• Card board (small to 16 x 20)
• Corrugated cardboard
• Canvas boards
• Small to medium gift boxes (for gifts and creating building projects)
• Shoe boxes (for dioramas and games)
• Left-over craft supplies
• Ribbons
• Crochet thread (strings for weaving)
• Yarn, yarn, yarn
• Buttons and beads
• Paper doilies
• Fabric
• Silk flowers (all sizes)
• Small sea shells
• Smooth stones
• Tinsel, garland
• Any plastic container w/lid (Pringles cans, Lays Stax, Whiska snacks)
• Coffee cans with lids
• Corks
• String
• Rubber Bands
• Fishing line
• Dried beans, seeds, rice and grain (for art/collages)
• Small wood scraps – interesting shapes
• Straws
• Old calendars with nice pictures
• Books from hair stylists
• Animal books or magazines
• How to Art books (for our program library)
• Wallpaper and/or wallpaper books

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