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Non profit info updates on web.. Contact web master and update info

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About Non profit info updates on web.. Contact web master and update info

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Non profit info updates on web.. Contact web master and update info. Hi, we are looking for somebody to assist our nonprofit. We have currently changed our phone number and/or address. We need somebody to search the Internet using Google or Bing for our old address, e-mail address or phone number and contact that weight pages had been updating the information. We are looking for the top 30 listings in the search engine that have the wrong address. We would also like to have a list compiled of webpage address, contact information of who you contacted.

Here are the following steps:
Step 1: searched the web using Google or Bing with with our old phone number, then again with our old address and lastly with our old phone number.

Step 2: now e-mail or phone the 10 top of each search result. Total of 30. 10 for old phone number, 10 of four old addresses, and 10 four old e-mail address.

Step 3: in the e-mail or phone call, please note the following:
Hi our address, phone number and e-mail address have changed would you be so kind as to update the information or let me know how to update it myself.
This is the webpage we noticed the incorrect information on: (paste URL HERE from search results)
I'm working with the nonprofit to help people better find our resources and one of the key ways to do this is by updating our information on the Internet and we currently noticed your information is outdated please help us help our recipients by updating the information. Thank you for the time. If you need to contact us or need the updated information here it is:
Email: txxxxx
Thank you for your time
From A Helper of The xxxxxxx

Step 4: cc on the e-mail and also make a list of who you contacted, what was the website address with the incorrect information and send that to us as the final deliverable. All done remote...
Thank you for looking

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