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The Friends of Hiland Hall Gardens

The Friends of Hiland Hall Gardens

About Us

The Mission
The renovation of the Hiland Hall Gardens began in the spring of 2007.
The mission of the Friends of Hiland Hall Gardens is to restore, re-build and sustain the Gardens and the unique Victorian-style Grapery to their original splendor. Additionally our goal is to re-establish these resources as a center for education, gardening, and gardeners in the greater Bennington area.
Along with the renovation of the Gardens and Grapery, our commitment is to creating a garden where community will grow alongside flowers, grapes, herbs and pumpkins.
Supported by local contributions to further these efforts, Nancy Hand Higby, the Dirt Diva gardeners, the Friends of the Hiland Hall Garden offer plant science winter workshops for elementary school children and summer gardening internships for young people.
Landscape Architect Nancy Hand Higby emphasized, “The work we are doing in the Hiland Hall Gardens and Grapery compliments the Lucien Hanks Community Gardens, the Park McCullough Gardens and Grounds and The Mile Around Woods Walk, and the entire gardening community benefits from the valuable shared lessons we all learn, growing and nurturing gardens.”
To become a volunteer, or for information about how to get your organization involved, please contact us by email at:


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