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Educating children and overcoming social stigma

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The Tabitha Enabling Academy, located in Nagaland, India, supports and educates children with physical and mental disabilities. In many cultures the children and their families face a great deal of social stigma, and is it often difficult to get qualified support for disabled children. The Tabitha Enabling Academy works to overcome all of these problems, providing occupational training for the children so they can learn how to better care for themselves, and community outreach in order to improve the interactions between the community and these children.

The Tabitha Enabling Academy serves 50 children, but they are limited by the number of teachers that they can keep on staff. They are looking for assistance to pay the salaries of three teachers, where $2700 would help pay for all 3 special education teacher salaries for one year.


Meet the Teachers


Catherine Thong has been at TEA for five years and has some of the best methods for handling even the most challenging cases, including children with Down’s syndrome, Autism, other forms of retardation, and hearing impairment. She is an expert in Indian Sign Language.


Mr. Kilumo, hearing impaired himself, is able to address students’ needs in a different way than other teachers might. He is trained in both American Sign Language and Indian Sign Language, and has attended seminars as a Sign Language Instructor.


Ms. Chumbeni, hearing impaired herself, is trained in Indian Sign Language and American Sign Language.  She is the primary sign language instructor for the students. She has been at TEA for three years.


Two of the teachers are disabled themselves, which shows the students that their disabilities do not limit their abilities to have meaningful futures.

Your support will ensure that those qualified teachers can continue to provide students with the skills they need to determine their futures. TFI will pass on 100% of your donation to the Tabitha Enabling Academy. Learn more by visiting us at The Forgotten International online.

What can you do?

A donation of $75 pays the salary of one teacher for one month.

A donation of $225 pays the salaries of all three teachers for one month. 

A donation of $900 will pay a teacher for one year.

A donation of $2,700 will provide for the salaries of all three teachers for one year. 

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