The Father McKenna Center

The Father McKenna Center

About Us

The poorest of the poor come to the Father McKenna Center each weekday to get their mail, take a shower, to get some clean clothes, to ask for job and drug counseling and to experience a safe and drug-free environment. The Father McKenna Center can either provide or efficiently refer guests to any service a homeless man needs. The Father McKenna Center is the last day-time drop-in center for homeless men in the downtown Washington, DC area. The Father McKenna Center serves men, women and families through its programs that include:
-Men's day-time drop-in center
-Food pantry serving families and senior citizens
-Rent and utility assistance to prevent homelessness
-Cold weather hypothermia shelter to prevent homeless men from freezing to death on our streets
-A small transitional living program

The vast majority of those who come to the Father McKenna Center suffer from mental illness and addictions. The purpose of the Father McKenna Center is to uncover the reasons why a person suffers from poverty and homelessness and then through mental health, medical, addiction counseling and education to motivate a person to go beyond their current situation. Demand for the services of the Father McKenna Center increased significantly due to recession, chronic poverty and unemployment and remains high.


We Care About

Poverty and Hunger
Homelessness & Housing

Contact Information

Ned Hogan
202-842-1112 ext. 104