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The Environmental Relief Center

The Environmental Relief Center

About Us

Our mission is to provide support, advocacy, and funding to community groups wherever environmental or public health concerns have united local interest. We believe public health and environmental health are uniquely interrelated and therefore may be addressed with a singular vision. Our goal is the preservation of natural resources, biological diversity, and healthful and sustainable communities.

We encourage the open forum process where cooperative dialogue and transparency of purpose helps to formulate jurisdictional policy decisions.
Local residents and stake-holders are encouraged to increase their participation in neighborhood councils, community forums, and decision-making
processes at City Hall. Among other community activities, The Environmental Relief Center supports town-hall meetings to encourage and integrate
information exchange among government agencies, health science institutes, business interests, and local communities.

During the past decade, the number of degraded and vanishing ecosystems has steadily increased due to conflicts of interest and jurisdictional
delays in the restoration and preservation of natural areas. Studies of the toxic effects of industrial pollution upon the nation's local communities are now revealing the irreversible health impacts and often fatal consequences of reckless planning decisions, archaic laws, and the lack of funding for regulatory enforcement.

The Environmental Relief Center is an activity-oriented organization, offering support for the environmental and health concerns of diverse
communities through a number of benefits and services. Our "Growing Green Together" nature walks, study groups, community outreach, and
educational programs have been developed to increase public enjoyment of the natural world as well as increase personal awareness of Earth's
fragile and endangered biological systems. Eco-Entertainment, a project of The Environmental Relief Center, enlists the talent of musicians, writers,
performers and others in celebrating nature through unique presentations of environmental theatre, poetry, music and documentary film.

Here, at The Environmental Relief Center, we view the earth as a global community, where effective environmental protection begins with individual
and civic commitment -- is sustained nationally through congressional and executive leadership -- and extends across borders through education
and shared responsibilities. The Center is proposing a new and dynamic shift toward personal dedication in the greening of cities and townships, the protection of public health, and the restoration of degraded areas. We urge all who share our concerns to become active as leaders and advocates for environmental preservation. If you are interested in joining us, or in developing an interest group in your area, perhaps we can help.
We would enjoy speaking with you and invite your inquiry.


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