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Sponsor A Student Ticket For Holiday Dinner

Hosted by: The Dinner Table Documentary, Inc


November 14 - December 13, 2019


Past Opportunity


Asha Boston

This is a past opportunity

About Sponsor A Student Ticket For Holiday Dinner


In 2018 my non-profit The Dinner Table Documentary, Inc did a study in three schools and asked groups of young women of color ages 11-18 whether they know someone who looks like them working in their dream career field and out of 50 girls surveyed, only 12% said yes while an overwhelming 88% said no.

When we looked at the careers of the girls who said no, the job titles included being an " Engineer, Dermatologist, Architect, Biologist, Therapist, Anesthesiologist, Interior Designer, Video Game Designer and Urban Planner"...honestly the list goes on but it broke my heart knowing that there are women of color who have these careers and there are (from just our small survey) 50 girls who do not know they exist.

This data was not only shocking but reaffirmed why we as a non-profit exist. The Dinner Table Documentary, Inc aims to provide both peer to peer mentors and professional real life role models at each event.

As we plan for our BIGGEST gathering of women on December 15th, we are looking for women who can help the young women we service know that their dreams are not impossible because a woman who looks like them, who knows their experience has done it, is still doing it and believes they can too.

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