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Come and Share Your Knowledge

Hosted by: The Baddour Center


Ongoing Opportunity


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Sue Davis

About Come and Share Your Knowledge


Volunteers needed who might be business/teacher/nurses/etc who want to volunteer time to come in and teach a class for AVS/Vocare. For example: a nurse who might want to share the importance of taking care of yourselves during the winter…. Washing hands, etc.

Looking for someone in business (This is a request from Magda Todd who is in charge of the AVS (Alternative Vocational Services)area) who would like to teach a Vocare class on any topic such as working in the community, how to be successful in a job, etc.

We have been learning about Native Americans in
AVS in the surrounding areas so even a student who might be getting a history degree… the topics are endless and we always love guests! The only thing is if you come visit AVS you may not want to leave!

The volunteers could be professionals,retired folks or students.
Vocare classes are on Tuesday from 3:00 -4:00PM
AVS classes are Tuesday & Thursday from 10:30AM -11:30AM.

Application Process

Please click on the Documents section to access the following -
Volunteer Application, Background Check Permission Form, and Release of Liability Form.

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