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Texas Rollergirls: Volunteer Details

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About Texas Rollergirls: Volunteer Details


Anyone can become a part of Texas Rollergirls! One of our mottos is to "be your own hero." If you are ready to lace up your skates and learn about roller derby, check out or Rec league program. In it we teach you how to skate, stop, and fall properly before we even start talking about the sport of roller derby (and adding in contact between skaters).
If you're looking for other opportunities, we are always looking for volunteers! It takes more than 100 people to put on a double-header bout (meaning an evening featuring two back-to-back roller derby games). It takes 60+ skaters, 4 to 7 on-skates referees, 11 non skating officials, 1-2 announcers, one band or half time show, EMTs, and assorted volunteers who assist with merch sales, track production, sound and light production, ticket sales, etc. Whether you're a veteran skater or have no desire to live the eight-wheeled life, we would love your assistance! We have a multitude of non-skating volunteer opportunities and are always looking for individuals who like working with strong, athletic skaters!

A sneak peek on a little of what it takes to set up a bout/game day from our 2/16/19 bout at Austin Sports Center: (Courtesy of Brian Kingery)

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