Quality Education for All Liberian Children

Expanding educational opportunity by enlisting Liberia’s most promising future leaders – locally and in the Diaspora.

A fundraising campaign for Teach for Liberia

Thanks to all of our supporter's thus Far! We've expanded our campaign to reflect all activities leading up to the placement of our first teachers in September 2018. We appreciate your continued support. Please help us spread the word.

Teach for Liberia's mission is to assure that every Liberian child receives an excellent, world-class education by placing high quality, qualified teachers in high needs classrooms throughout Liberia. By addressing the issue of teacher quality, TFL tackles the single greatest factor in determining student outcomes and achievement. Based on the successful Teach For America model (and 37 other countries that have adapted the Teach for All model) , TFL will enlist Liberia's most talented young professionals and leaders to teach full-time for a commitment of two years.

TFL applies a four pronged strategy which includes: 1) Recruitment and Selection of the best and the brightest young Liberians at home and abroad to teach; 2) Training and Support of said teachers to equip them with both the know-how and resources to be successful; 3) Placement of teachers in high needs classrooms across all disciplines; and lastly foster an 4) Alumni Movement of teachers as leaders in both the education community and beyond well after their two-year commitment.

This Funding Campaign is administered by Africa Community Exchange, TFL's fiscal agent/sponsor and a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All donations are tax-exempt  and TFL is a registered entity in the Republic of Liberia (TIN 4306047) . For more information please email info@teachforliberia.org or visit teachforliberia.org.

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About the Organization

Teach For Liberia’s (TFL) mission is to build the movement to expand educational opportunity by enlisting Liberia’s most promising future leaders – locally and in the Diaspora – in the effort.

Based on the highly successful Teach For America model, Teach For Liberia seeks to recruit high-performing, qualified young Liberian professionals and recent college graduates as teachers, implement training programs, and furnish schools and communities with the educational tools that are essential for the success of Liberia’s children. The ultimate goal is to implement a Teacher Corp that will address the shortage of qualified teachers in the country.