Basic Canine & Feline Socialization

Hosted by: Sumter Humane Society


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About Basic Canine & Feline Socialization


If you enjoy spending time with dogs and cats, ours could certainly use some tender loving care. Spending one on one time with our furry friends will help them become more adoptable and reduce shelter stress by providing exercise, stimulation, and playtime.

We need volunteers to help with:


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Some of the duties involved in socialization of our dogs are:

Playing with and holding our dogs

Grooming (Brushing and Combing)

Walking (Training to walk on leash)


Bathing dogs and puppies

Some of the duties involved in socialization of our cats are:

Holding and Petting

Grooming (Brushing/Combing)

Playing (Using kitty toys, strings, etc.)

Spending time holding them, playing with them, and grooming them, gives them much needed attention that many of them have never had before. This interaction helps the animals become comfortable with human contact and makes them much more adoptable.

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