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STRoNG Military Families

STRoNG Military Families

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Parenting across the deployment cycle raises special challenges for military families with young children. The STRoNG Military Families parenting program is offered for military service members, their spouses or partners, and their children 1-to-6 years old. STRoNG Military Families provides a 10-week parent and child program experience designed to support and enhance the resilience of military families by creating opportunities for families to come together to learn, support one another, and grow in their ability to navigate the unique challenges they face. Our upcoming group will be located in Lansing.

The volunteers will be paired with the children one-to-one for the full 10-weeks. They would be responsible for engaging the child at a developmentally appropriate level, playing and interacting with them, following their lead, and creating an overall fun and safe place for them to connect and explore their environment. We prefer enthusiastic volunteers who have experience working with children. This opportunity will allow the volunteer to learn more about child development, military families, and program implementation.


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