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Starkville In Motion

Starkville In Motion

About Us

Starkville in Motion is a grassroots organization dedicated to promoting the development and maintenance of bike lanes, sidewalks, and trails in Starkville and Oktibbeha County and improving pedestrian and bicyclist safety.

Starkville in Motion is composed of concerned citizens, business owners, parents, government leaders, and organizations that wish to see Starkville reach its full potential as a great community.

Our mission is to connect all the parts of the city and campus together with an interconnected network of sidewalks and bike lanes/roads safe for biking, to promote recreation, community building, commerce, commuting, physical fitness and eco-friendly options for transportation by promoting infrastructure and education/awareness, to have educational and community events that support walking and biking and educate others about biking/walking needs, safety, benefits, etc., to create a culture that accepts and values biking and walking.


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