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Through two world wars, the Great Depression, and more recently, healthcare crisis and government cutbacks, the grace of God working through the hands of the Auxiliary have enabled the mission of St. Joseph’s to flourish. The annual Summer Festival is renowned in northeastern Pennsylvania. Auxiliary Card Parties and the Dennis Crafferty Memorial Auction are gaining in popularity every year. All of these efforts, and many more, enable this dedicated group of women and men to finance renovation projects, buy needed equipment and provide holiday activities for all of the Center’s programs.

In addition to its fund raising efforts, Auxiliary members have always lent their expertise in programming decisions as services have evolved from our early days as an orphanage to the multi-faceted provider St. Joseph’s is today. For over 100 years they have also shared their time and experience as ambassadors for St. Joseph’s, spreading the news of our services and good works. There is no end to their energy and enthusiasm.


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