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St. James Regional Catholic School

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St. James Regional Catholic School is committed to educating children in a loving, caring, Christ-centered environment where students are encouraged to grow spiritually as well as academically. As a school community, we strive to create a Catholic Christian community of learning where each student is uniquely valued. Through a strong parent/teacher partnership, educational opportunities and extracurricular activities, each child is encouraged to develop into his or her individual best.

St. James Regional prepares students for the future while building on the tradition of excellence in Catholic education that has been central to our parishes and communities for generations. Our talented faculty and staff met the challenges brought on by the pandemic and continue to provide high-quality education tailored to meet the needs of our students and families. The pandemic, however, has brought significant challenges. Thank you for helping us meet our goal of $10,000 so SJR can continue to be a place of faith, learning, and service for years to come!


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