St. Coletta's of Illinois

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St. Coletta’s of Illinois Foundation is a non-profit organization providing support and funding for special needs individuals in the areas of: Residential Care, Educational Programs, Medical Care, Religious and Pastoral Care, Vocational Services, and Specialized Facilities.

Our services are for the children and adults with developmental disabilities without regard to race, religion, or economic background. We have proudly worn our name since 1985, and in Christian spirit, we share the four Franciscan values shared by our sponsors, the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi. The Franciscan values are caring community, showing compassion, reverencing all of creation, and making peace.

We invite all persons of diverse faith backgrounds to be a part of the St. Coletta's community, to embrace and live with us sharing these common values. Opening our arms, we strive to help make a difference in the lives of the special needs children and adults within St. Coletta’s different programs. Our goal is to help special needs individuals achieve their greatest potential, while in the least restrictive environment

Unlike other organizations that strive to find a cure, there is no cure for developmental disabilities. We proudly make life better for special needs children and adults.


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