The Maestro's Fund for Visionary Programming

Maestro Jeff Hunt is a visionary whose talent, insight and ambition never fail to delight the audience. With your help we can bring Jeff's dreams to life.

A fundraising campaign for St. Charles Singers

Since founding the St. Charles Singers in 1984 Maestro Jeff Hunt has gained the respect of numerous of the world's best known composer/conductors, most notably John Rutter:

“I have been privileged to direct Jeff Hunt’s choir on a number of fondly-remembered occasions over the years, and it is like being allowed to drive someone else’s finely-tuned Rolls-Royce (or whatever is your favorite luxury car). They purr along effortlessly at high speed, negotiate the awkward corners with ease, make you feel like a better driver-and you don’t even have to fill them up with fuel.” 

Maestro Hunt is recognized for his unique ability to blend voices, creating a purely beautiful sound that holds listening audiences in awe.  Hunt's vision for programming is limited only by the financial constraints that can be a challenge to any artistic endeavor.  With your help we can bring (at least one or two of) Maestro Hunt's visions to reality. 

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About the Organization

St. Charles Singers is a professional chamber choir under the direction of Maestro Jeff Hunt. Recognized for a sublime interpretation of choral classics, the singers strive for excellence in every performance, sing with passion and demonstrate a sincere desire to create beauty and connect with their audience. The choir’s home venue is Baker Memorial United Methodist Church in St. Charles, IL. Performances also occur in and around the city of Chicago and occasionally the choir travels nationally and internationally.

In February of 2016 the choir enjoyed the industry wide release of its most recent recording project, Bushes and Briars. The recording has been well reviewed and excerpts can frequently be heard on Sirius XM radio and 98.7 WFMT.

There are 3 items on our Giving Tuesday Wish List:

MOZART: Support for the Mozart Journey, an estimated 17 concerts, through which Mozart’s sacred choral compositions will be performed and recorded. To our knowledge no American choir has previously performed and recorded this volume of music as the complete, known genre. We feel...

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