Oregon High School All-Star Basketball Showcase

Support Oregon's top prep basketball players as they face off head to head to in an All-Star Showcase! For more information, visit our website SpreadDaLove.org

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In 2014 the Spread DaLove Foundation formed and hosted our first ever Oregon High School All-Star Basketball Showcase.  It is an opportunity for the top 40 prep players, both boys and girls to test their abilities against the best in the State of Oregon.  This idea was drawn from a series of complaints from high school players that there was no All-Star Game for the best in state.  So the Spread DaLove Foundation made it happen.  Over the course of the past 3 years, the founders of the Spread DaLove Foundation, Da'Love Woods and Alexander Berry have footed the bill for this event.

Our organization received our 501 (c) 3 tax exempt status in January 2016 and are now seeking charitable contributions for our Spread DaLove Foundation to continue to give student-athletes the opportunity to participate in the Oregon High School All-Star Showcase.

In addition to the Showcase, the Spread DaLove Foundation has offered other free camps and clinics for youth in the Portland Metro area.  It is our goal to provide positive role models and fitness activities to those who are underprivileged and lack the resources.

Please help us by supporting our organization!  Thank you... And #SpreadDaLove

Visit our website SpreadDaLove.org

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About the Organization

Spread DaLove Foundation

The Spread DaLove Foundation's mission is to provide youth the avenues to reach personal, athletic, and academic success at a higher capacity through the use of athletic development, health & wellness education, and digital media.

The Spread DaLove Foundation's objective is to instill confidence and self-assurance into youth by offering education and self-improvement opportunities to those who lack positive role models and a clear direction in life.

The Spread DaLove Foundation will reach disadvantage youth by offering free activities, camps, clinics, and other events to help promote the importance of health & wellness education.