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BuddyChat Agent

Hosted by: Speak Up Now America


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Chris Scott

About BuddyChat Agent


Speak Up Now America is an anti-bullying organization that was formed June 13th, 2013. We are based and founded out of Arcadia, IN. When we decided to start Speak Up Now America, we had the vision of creating something new and different to help other kids deal with bullying. After numerous attempts at creating new programs we could offer, a light lit up in our heads. This light led to the creation of an online one on one support chat called "BuddyChat" which will soon be released. This program allows you to be connected to one of our many counselors that have been bullied in the past, or have experienced bullying first-hand. After you and your counselor have chatted, you will be able to cope with the after effects of bullying & how to end or prevent bullying before it's too late.

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Parents and children are invited and encouraged to get involved.

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