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Adult (18+) Volunteer Application Process

How to Apply:
1. Please complete the Online Volunteer Application Form (https://sparrow.vsyshost.com/vsys/app/CE6DR72Y0O6EGZJM)
2. Complete the Background Authorization Form (http://www.sparrow.org/upload/docs/volunteering/BackgroundAuthorizationform.pdf)
3. Print two copies of the Personal Reference Form (http://www.sparrow.org/upload/docs/Volunteering/volunteerReference.pdf)
4. Send the Personal Reference Form directly to your two references and have them return the completed reference form to the Volunteer Services department by mail or fax (517.364.3674).
5. Upon receipt of your application, background authorization form, and two reference forms, you will be contacted to schedule and interview. If you do not hear from our office in two weeks, please call the Volunteer Office at 517.364.3606. During the interview process, a volunteer placement of your choice will be made and you will be invited to a general orientation. All volunteers are required to obtain a TB skin test prior to attending orientation.
6. All volunteers are required to attend a general orientation session and training program within three months of recruitment. The official start date of volunteers is considered to be the date of general orientation. The purpose of the orientation is to instruct volunteers in health system policies and helps the volunteers feel secure as knowledgeable representatives of the health system.

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