Spark's Virtual House Party for the FRAME Program

Meet Spark youth, staff, and supporters while celebrating the FRAME Program during a virtual house party that goes live on May 18th, and lasts all month long!

A fundraising campaign for Mill Street Loft + Spark Media Project

    Howdy from Spark,

    Did you know it's finally Spring in the HV? It's a good thing this weather is so wonky, or we might've missed a great opportunity to throw a party to raise funds for FRAME, Spark's newest program that provides employment opportunities to novice filmmakers at libraries all over the Hudson Valley. Beginning in Poughkeepsie (and with programs offered in Beacon and Kingston in the Fall), FRAME will offer six-week intensive workshops to novice filmmakers, providing youth with the opportunity to work for a real client in the community. 

    But we know how tough it is to schedule parties. So, we thought a bit outside the box, after all, that's what we do at Spark every day. We're hosting a virtual house party! This party, which you can attend by watching the House Party Video, allows you to choose which awesome Spark student you hang out with as you enjoy the party. Because here at Spark, our students always get to choose their own adventure.

    We've got to remind you, though, that this is a fundraising party to raise money for FRAME. We need you, yes YOU, to help us keep making media magic. We've already secured a matching grant from the Regional Economic Development Fund, so we invite you to be a part of FRAME's story by helping us match that grant. And it doesn't take an enormous contribution to do so. No donation is too small, and 100% of your donations will go directly back into supporting FRAME students learn and grow as media producers. 

    So, thanks for coming, and enjoy the party!

    -Spark Media Project

    P.S. The best way to enjoy the party is by inviting others. After all, who knows who could make a cameo appearance...

    Behind the Scenes: Filming a Virtual House Party

    May 9, 2016

    On Saturday, May 7, youth media makers, staff, and volunteers spent the day filming the Virtual House Party video that we will release on May 18th, the Hudson Valley's first ever day of giving, #HVGives.
    Making a video like this takes a lot of work, and requires a huge amount of volunteers. We were so lucky to have interns, returning Spark students, and community members who came out to celebrate. Major shout outs to: Roger O'Connor of Hudson Valley News Network (and member of Spark's Fundraising Committee), Peter Barnard of Scenic Hudson (our client sponsor for Poughkeepsie FRAME), and Cyndi Rosenzweig, President of Spark's Board of Directors (and party host!). While you've got to wait until the 18th to see the full video, we're so excited to share some sneak peek photos so you can see how hard we're working!

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