SouthSide Pride

Giving Ithaca youth a place to be, grow, and learn

A fundraising campaign for Southside Community Center
Where We Came From
The Southside Community Center (SSCC) has enjoyed a great and storied history since it emerged through the dedicated work of the Francis Harper Women’s Club in 1927, formed by a group of Black women in the Ithaca community.  Founded as a non-sectarian and non-partisan organization, its mission was the “uplift” of every individual. Since its incorporation in 1934, the SSCC, Inc. continues to affirm, empower, and foster the development of self pride among the diverse citizens of greater Ithaca.

What We Do

The Southside Community Center celebrates the rich African American heritage and culture significant to Tompkins County and especially the Southside neighborhood through festivals that include Juneteenth and Kwanzaa and partnerships with community organizations such as Congo Square Market. Our programming and community partnerships are anchored by ongoing programs: the After School Program serves youth ages 5-12; the community bicycle maintenance and repair shop, Recycle Ithaca’s Bicycles; a community recording studio, Unity Studio; the Health and Recreation program includes an active food pantry; and computer education and digital arts classes offered by the computer lab. The SSCC’s many programs offer activities for young people that foster their psychological and emotional development, promoting self-reliance and social responsibility under the guidance of caring and supportive mentors.

Why You Should Give

Southside Community Center’s (SSCC) program fill the invaluable role of providing essential services—such as a safe and supervised environment, academically enriching activities, healthy snacks, and caring and supportive mentors—to young people most in need of support. Our center is located in a community that is experiencing higher levels of poverty and food insecurity, where young people face disparities in access to extracurricular activities. As part of our mission to serve the people of Ithaca, we strive not only to keep young people safe but to support their academic, social, and emotional growth, working to distribute opportunities for extracurricular growth more equitably.

Your gift today will help ensure that young people our community are provided with high quality programming and services they won't get anywhere else.

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