Southern Vermont Dance Festival

About Us

The Southern Vermont Dance Festival began as a response to Tropical Storm Irene with the goal of promoting the arts and becoming an economic driver for the community! The festival is in its 4th year, and we are so happy and grateful to announce the need for our expansion. In order to meet the needs of the community, we have to develop an infrastructure to support the festival with full time staffing. We have proven that there is vast interest, and now it’s time to create a platform that is sustainable for years to come.

The impact of the festival on Brattleboro has been very positive, and our goal is to not only continue our efforts, but also refine and improve for years to come. We not only serve the dance community, but all of those who are interested and influenced by the arts – from children to seniors. We aim to ignite, cultivate, and maintain a relationship to dance for all, as expression through dance is one of the most fundamental and primal aspects of our humanity.

We are reaching out to ask for your financial commitment. Sadly, in this country government funding is very much lacking when it comes to supporting the arts both in communities and schools. In order for us to thrive, we need your help. We very much value your interest, and ask that you help to value our mission with a contribution.


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Disaster Relief
Community Advocacy
Arts and Culture

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Brenda Siegel