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Creating Quilts for Charity and Preserving History
Quilters are a special people who create beauty and art from fabric and thread. We welcome new members that want to share in our endeavors, and of course for yet another reason to quilt!
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Dedicated to the art and skill of quilting, the Southern Quilt Guild's goal is to stock and maintain a 'quilt closet' of lap size quilts for donation to charitable causes. If a family is displaced, a home burns, children are removed from an abusive situation or other crisis arises, we will provide these lap quilts for comfort, both physical and emotional.

Quilts tell the history of our country from the beginning to present day. Quilts were made by poor, hardworking people as well as the wealthy, privileged Victorian ladies of that era. they were made for warmth, comfort and to show the abilities of women of all ages and status. They wrapped newborns and the ill and aged as well as newly weds and children. Some provided a roadmap to freedom for runaway slaves.

Although progress has provided a much quicker way to produce bedding in huge quantity, they have not been able to include the personal touch, the caring and love that go into every stitch on handmade quilts. However, progress has also made it easier not to quilt. We are dedicated to preserving a heritage handed down since the beginning of our country. Our nation's history is written in our quilts, some preserved in museums, some being used in our everyday life and some tucked away, forgotten in attics and closets.

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