Shelter Beautification Day 8/20/2016

Hosted by: Southern Pines Animal Shelter


August 20, 2016


Past Opportunity


Brittany Curtzwiler
[email protected]

This is a past opportunity

About Shelter Beautification Day 8/20/2016

Help us beautify the shelter this Saturday alongside our volunteers from the William Carey Baptist Student Union .

We are expecting a load of gravel which will need to be disbursed into our play pens to create a nicer look and more sanitary conditions for our animals who stay in our play pens. The play pens, in their current state, become fun mud pits once wet and are difficult areas to sanitize.

In conjunction with the play pen area, we hope to clean up our walking trail by weed-eating and removing debris.

Family and friends are encouraged to come with you as we need all the extra hands we can get.

Other items we need to make this day a success are:
-Weed eaters
-Push mowers
-Hedge Clippers

Please wear old clothes, closed-toed shoes, and work gloves if you have them.

So bring your shovels and your work gear and help us beautify our shelter!

****In the event of rain, we will cut the work day short and reschedule.


Parents and children are invited and encouraged to get involved.

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