Pet Store Cat Caretaker

Hosted by: Southern Pines Animal Shelter


Ongoing Opportunity


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David Fondren
[email protected]

About Pet Store Cat Caretaker

Southern Pines Animal Shelter is pleased to be able to partner with both Petco & Petsmart to increase our cat adoptions. We house cats at the adoption centers located at both Petsmart & Petco of Hattiesburg. We depend on volunteers to help us make sure these cats are receiving the same high quality of care they are receiving at the shelter.

Cats that get sent to an offsite adoption center are usually housed there until they are adopted so they definitely appreciate volunteers taking care of them and socializing with them.

Lending a paw is easy and usually only takes about an hour. Volunteers can complete this task anytime from 9 am to 9 pm. All supplies and materials are provided and are kept offsite at the adoption center.

Responsibilities Include;
Cleaning animal enclosures
Providing fresh food and water
Alerting Southern Pines staff of any signs of illness or behavioral issues


Parents and children are invited and encouraged to get involved.

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