Help feed 8000 children, single parents & families

A fundraising campaign for South East Associated Ministries (SEAM)

Your $25 gift provides $50 of food for 2 children. End their suffering from hunger by donating today!

Meet Eric & Sarah:Giving Back while Receiving Your Help

Eric and Sarah have been a friendly hard-working family with five children for many years. In their mid-30's, Eric worked as a researcher for the local university while earning his PhD. His wife Sarah works at a computer service company, all while raising four daughters and one son between 6-12 years old. 

At no fault of his own, the grant funds ran out and Eric lost his job as a result. This not only makes it impossible to "make ends meet" in providing food, water, and shelter for his family but also delays attaining his PhD.

Because of Your Gifts Eric, his wife, and his children received enough nutritious food as well as utility assistance from SEAM. Until Eric is able to go back to his job as a researcher, he is also on SNAP benefits and volunteers at SEAM five hours a day, cleaning our massive walk in freezer units and performing much needed general maintenance. Eric is already giving back to his community while he receives the help his family desperately needs in their time of struggle.

Eric expects to return to work and his work in the PhD program by November. Until then he will continue to volunteer at SEAM and give back to his community while receiving the help his children and wife desperately need.

Eric and his family are just one of hundreds of families that your donations help to prevent the suffering caused by hunger, going without utilities, and being evicted from their homes when life's unforeseen challenges affect us.

Your gift helps thousands of children and parents like Eric & Sarah in our neighborhoods and community.

Your gift of $25 will provide $50 worth of groceries for 2 hungry children in our community this year. How do we do it? We use your gifts to purchase food from Dare to Care's food co-op program. We save 50% on average when we use this program from our partners at Dare to Care's food co-op.

The many children and families facing the suffering of hunger and the hardships of poverty caused by sudden job loss or an unexpected illness can get the food and financial assistance they need to get back on their feet again.

BECAUSE OF YOU thousands of single parents and their children don't have to make a choice between buying food or paying the rent this month. Your donation will put an end to the suffering caused by hunger and poverty. 

Thank you for being a hero to thousands of our neighborhood children!

Thanks to Eric our freezers look better then when they were new! :)

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About the Organization

South East Associated Ministries (SEAM)

SEAM provides help for today and hope for tomorrow!

We do this by offering emergency food and financial assistance and by connecting our neighbors with the resources needed for achieving self-sufficiency and well-being.

500 children and 1,500 single parents and individuals received the food they desperately needed in August Because of You! Please donate and help us feed thousands of children this winter.