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July 3 - August 31, 2017


Past Opportunity


Sandra Lasso
49- 17630176019 / 57-310-361-2189

This is a past opportunity


The Solidasur Foundation gives you the ability to interact in natural settings unforgettable, and so voluntarily work together with our team in the conservation, giving you the opportunity to learn, to experience a totally different natural, social and cultural reality while preserving exceptional ecosystems and biodiversity in Amazonas- Colombia. Our Conservation Environment Project is based deep in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest. Volunteers stay at the 4.106,9 hectares Yahuarcaca Ecological Reserve. This project offers you the chance of a lifetime to visit and help preserve the most diverse ecosystem on the planet! Yahuarcaca you will get to take part in exciting activity. This has recently been recognised like World Heritage Wetlands .Yahuarcaca has 3 big indigenous reserves (Ticunas, Kokamas and Huitotos with 8 communities: S. Antonio de los Lagos (Ticuna people), San Pedro de los Lagos (Ticuna people), San Juan de los Parentes (Ticuna people), San Sebastian (Ticuna people), La Playa (Ticuna-Kokama people), Kilometro 7 (Huitotos people), Km 6 y 11 (Ticuna-Huitoto), Comunidad Indìgena Castañal de lo lagos (Ticunas peple). Throughout your stay you will be supported by our team of expert staff.
You do not need previous experience to take part in this project. Volunteers are welcome.This project is perfect for anyone who is outgoing and has a passion for the Wild Nature. You will get hands-on, practical experience and learn about the natives way of life and their balance with the environment.
The main work will be reforestation. Working on reforestation includes planting trees, shrubs and orchids, also extracting bad grass and alien species that invade the Area. Help plant fast-growing endemic trees to reforest deforested areas for crops. Not only are trees a source of commercial timber, fruit, dyes, resins and building materials, they also contribute to regenerating the land and reducing the harmful ecological impact on forest areas still intact. In subsequent visits, the growth of the trees will be verified and the lianas and climbing plants that will inhibit the growth of the trees will be removed.
The Volunteering week
Volunteers follow a timetable and normally work between 3 to 4 hours each day. Some of the work is seasonal and you will work on a variety of tasks during your time in Yahuarcaca. Some morning tasks start early. There is also plenty of time in the evening to relax after work. You will normally rest during the middle of the day to avoid the midday heat!
The Solidasur staff at Yahuarcaca give regular talks and presentations to the volunteers. Our specialised staff will provide you with a valuable insight into topics relating to life in the jungle including animal behaviour, local eco-systems and topical issues relating to the world of conservation.
Spanish lessons
Alternatively you can undertake a short 5-hour, 15-hour, or 30-hour course in Spanish. These courses are tailored to your needs and run alongside your main volunteer project. If you are planning on volunteering abroad for twelve weeks or more, you could also complete a 60-hour course alongside your volunteer experience
Spanish are the main languages taught in Solidasur. These classes are available for volunteers and special prices. Volunteers should consider taking classes, it helps to better communicate in the project.
Freshwater fishes are the main component of the Amazonian cuisine. There are dozens of exceptionally tasteful species of fish that are usually served grilled or fried. Fish stewed in yuquitania (local chilli) is also typical. Mandioca arepas (pastries made of a variety of cassava flour) are also a basic food in the region. Besides fish and mandioca, the other typical food are the local fruits that are unique flavour and names: Arza, caimo, copazu, umari, carambola, cayarana are some good examples.
The Weekend
Normally the volunteers have the option of visiting Leticia city at weekends. Here you will find hotels, bars, shops and internet access. This is also where volunteers are picked up from the airport when they arrive. Leticia is around 30 minutes away by car, next to the Amazon River and bordering Brazil and Peru. In the center of town, the boardwalk has river views. The main square is Santander Park, with a pond and trees where hundreds of parrots roost. Neighboring Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace is a modern building, with city views from its bell tower. The Ethnographic Museum has displays on the region’s indigenous groups.

Application Process

Inscription process:
1. Submitting full papers electronically, writing in the Message Subject: (Name of Applicant) - Volunteer Program
to :
3. Payment of the fee, at least one month in advance to reserve your space in the program, but if your application is last minute will do our best so you can come.

Required Documents:
Registration form filled in
Copies of all your documents (place them apart from the originals):
Vaccination certificate against Yellow Fever.
Medical & travel insurance
Reference letter from school or university (or job if necessary)
Two photographs 3 × 4 cms

What do you need to participate in this project?
• Be legal age in your native country
• Be in good health and have positive attitude
• Present required documents
• Medical & travel insurance
• Enjoy teamwork

Since $485 Euros
Minimum Duration: 1 week
Maximum Duration: 3 months
Payment will be made once the person has been officially accepted

• Assistance before, during and after your trip: information about the program, destination, vaccinations, visas and references.
• Supervising during your staying at the placement
• Professional and research experience on field
• 24 hour-a-day assistance, 7 days a week in Colombia, to make sure you receive the best quality and service.
• Food and staying at the project
• Materials, equipment and transportation for projects operations
• Transfers from and to the local airport on your arrival and departure dates
• Internet service (depending on location)
• Participation certificate

• International flights
• Travel taxes
• Visas
• Medical/ travel insurance
• Food on the outside of the project
• International phone calls

What Should I pack?
Indispensable Travel List
Insect repellent, (organic repellent help to reduce the impact generated from chemicals and toxic additives )
High Sun protection and after-sun lotion
Sleeping bag
Travel-sized First Aid Kit with the necessary stuff for all your needs
Medical prescriptions, if you have any medical prescriptions, make sure you take the prescription drugs with you and that you’ll have enough for the duration of your trip. Make sure these are packed in your hand luggage not your main bag *Medical and travel insurance
Pen and paper
Travel towel made out of quick-drying material
Comfortable clothes for a tropical weather adventure: shorts, pants, t- shirts, long-sleeved t-shirt, hat.
Backpack, take with you a waterproof and comfortable with waist support backpack as your main luggage. Also it is important to have a daypack with you, to carry the stuff you could need in your day to day expeditions
Walking shoes/boots, and Walking sandals
Frequently asked questions

Do I need Visa?
Citizens from Europe, Canada, the US, and South America do not need visas but if you have a different background we will give you advice and information about everything you need to be part of our volunteer program.

Where will I be working?
You will be working at any of our seven areas, depending on your profile, special interests and projects availability. (add project brochure)

What about security?
The places where we have our programs are tourist and safe, you will be placed in a warm, clean and friendly accommodation and you will count with unconditional support from our staff and coordinators. Placements have great ecological importance due to its biological and cultural diversity. These locations are socially and politically safe, and are open throughout the year for students and professionals participation.

Do I need to speak Spanish?
No, most our staff speak English and Spanish (even German )

Will there be time to travel?
Of course, we are aware of the importance of having fun and enjoying your free time, we will give you all the tourist information you may need.

How far in advance do I have to register?
It is best that you register with at least one month in advance, but if your application is last minute will do our best so you can come.

Further information :
Telephone number (571) 3103612189

We are so exited that you choose to be a part the Solidasur Volunters .Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

All the best¡

Sandra Lasso
Project Manager Solidasur Volunteers


Parents and children are invited and encouraged to get involved.

We're looking for volunteers who:

Care about:

  • International
  • Animals
  • Social Justice
  • Women's Issues
  • Environment
  • Education
  • Youth
  • Seniors

Are interested in:

  • Fitness
  • Gardening
  • Sports
  • The Outdoors

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