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Shana Simmons Dance

Shana Simmons Dance

About Us

The mission of Shana Simmons Dance is to create performance and dance work that takes inspiration from the immediate world in which we are living, providing audiences with a unique perspective on society and relationships. The vision and passion of the company is to encourage movement in all bodies, invigorating people with energy and artistry, and encouraging all walks of life to creatively express themselves. This vision also mirrors SSD programming, aiming to bridge the gap between non dancers and professionals and open the door for further communication about high art and modern dance.

Shana Simmons Dance (SSD) was founded in 2009 by Artistic Director Shana Simmons to create unique and engaging contemporary dance. Since its founding, Simmons has used dance as a means to express other people’s opinions as well as her own: to interpret and create. She takes inspiration from the immediate world in which we are living, and her choreographic expressions are created from the ways in which our society is changing, the need for intimate connections to people and objects, and providing the viewer a unique perspective, if not participatory action. The result for the viewer is an emotional reaction or a thought process about the work.

SSD projects aim to draw audiences into modern dance in new and creative ways and highlight current societal topics for project based work. These projects forward communities by creating thoughtful performances and inspiring lives through dance and artistic vision. SSD firmly believes in supporting artistic growth within its company members by encouraged development of their own voices.

Shana Simmons Dance officially received their non-profit status in February of 2017.


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