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Racine Black LEGACY Project.

Hosted by: Sentinel Mentors


Ongoing Opportunity


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Scott Terry

About Racine Black LEGACY Project.


The Black Legacy Project is a phenomonel opportunity to tell the stories and history of black Racine. Much of our local Racine history and narrative is told through only one lens. The Racine Black Legacy Project is changing that by inviting our community's African American residence to tell the history, development, struggles and success through the eyes and experiences of those who lived it. From Racine's school desegregation to the demand for fair housing, there is an amazing story not being told.

We are looking for African American City of Racine residents, aged 40 + to schedule an appointment to record their stories in a video recording that will be used as a documentary. It will be filled with funny stories, amazing little known history, and a diverse input from generations of African American residents who have seen and experienced Racine's transition over the past 50 plus years!

Application Process

go to to schedule your 1 hour time slot to share your narritive for the Racine Black Legacy Project.


Parents and children are invited and encouraged to get involved.

We're looking for volunteers who:

Care about:

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    Social Justice
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    Arts and Culture
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