A Gift of Love for Elders and their Pets

A real Senior Solution! The Foxy Fund provides grants to low-income seniors in Southeastern Vermont to assist with unexpected costs of caring for their pets.

A fundraising campaign for Senior Solutions


Loneliness and isolation are pressing problems for many older Vermonters. 

This was the case with an older man named Karl. Life had thrown him many challenges: a troubled childhood, combat duty during World War II, and years of homelessness due to an alcohol addiction. His experiences made it difficult for him to trust others, so he often struggled with his problems alone.   

A sense of desperation finally prompted Karl to contact us. An advocate helped him with his housing, medical and financial needs so he could remain as independent as possible. With ongoing support in place, Karl had a new lease on life. He picked up old hobbies, and volunteered with local organizations.

Still Karl often felt lonely. ‘Til one day he brought home a little red bundle of fur. This dog, which he named Foxy, became his fast friend. Karl delighted in her zest for life and her fun antics. She went with him everywhere, riding proudly on his lap as he navigated his electric wheelchair. Through Foxy, Karl made many new friends who were a comforting source of support to him for the rest of his life.

Millions of Americans think of pets as family members. Pets may not only stave off loneliness but also can reduce blood pressure, provide mental health benefits and offer unconditional love and acceptance. Unfortunately, many people on fixed incomes have difficulty keeping up with the rising costs of owning a pet.

With proceeds from Karl’s estate, Senior Solutions administers the Foxy Fund in memory of Karl and his beloved companion. This fund provides grants to low-income seniors in southeastern Vermont to assist with unexpected costs of caring for their pets.

To make a donation, by mail or through our secure online option, please go to the following page on our web site and follow the links under “Make a Donation.”  

Identifying “Foxy Fund” in the designation box will assure that your donation is used for this purpose. For more information about the Foxy Fund, call1-800-642-5119.

Donations are needed now to replenish the fund. If you wish to contribute to help elders with pet care needs be sure to write Foxy Fund in the memo line of your check.


Senior Solutions is a non-profit non-governmental organization serving southeastern Vermont. As a designated Area Agency on Aging, we provide information, referrals, and basic services to seniors aged 60 and up, and to their family caregivers.

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