Second Chance With Saving Grace Inc

Second Chance With Saving Grace Inc

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Second Chance with Saving Grace, is a Non-profit 501c(3) organization helping hurting people and animals wherever they may be found. We encourage, enrich and evangelize by visiting schools, churches, hospitals, prisoners, and civic organizations with our message of Hope and Encouragement and by sending Love Kits!

No one should suffer alone when we are here with help and hope. We train people on how to live victorious lives despite hard times. By speaking, singing, story time, just about any type of event we can equip you to reach your community. Diane Dike, Ph.D., a passionate and popular speaker, author and singer, lives in the Vail Valley of Colorado. Her heartbreaking, heartwarming and courageous story will inspire you to overcome your challenges. "Diane's mess turned into her message leading everyone who meets her to healing and restoration." There is a place for everyone in our organization. Please visit our web site, watch the short videos and join this life changing cause to help the hurting people of the world and your community. Thank you!


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