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Hosted by: SAVAS (Sexual Assault Victims Advocacy Service)


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About Community Prevention/Education


SAVAS is dedicated to eliminating the misinformation that surrounds the crime of sexual assault and child sexual abuse. Education and prevention programs are offered in public and private schools, churches, and community groups. Our goal is to educate community members and increase awareness and understanding of sexual violence dynamics. Programs can be designed to explore any aspect of sexual assault and can be targeted to audiences of any age and size. Youth, in particular, benefit a great deal from our prevention programs that center on dating violence, date rape drugs, sexual harassment, and child sexual abuse.

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  • Community Education
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    SAVAS is often requested to present to schools, churches, civic or government organizations. Topics may include Rape Trauma Syndrome, Acquaintance Rape, Safety Planning, Child Sexual Abuse, etc. Volunteers can accompany a staff member or lead educational presentations.

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