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Sanctuary One is a care farm dedicated to rescuing domesticated animals, facilitating health and wellness for people, and promoting environmental stewardship.

Care farms are farms where people, animals, and the earth work together for mutual healing. We believe that the earth is alive, that every rock, every tree, every single blade of grass, even the clouds above and the deepest depths of the sea, are all part of the fabric of life that weaves us together.

We believe that a farm can do more than grow food for people's bellies; it can heal our bodies and lift our spirits, too, if we work together with animals and the earth for mutual healing. We help heal people of all ages by providing them with an opportunity to volunteer in animal therapy and horticultural therapy activities. Working with animals and gardening has been widely shown to lower blood pressure, ease depression and stress, and help lonely people establish therapeutic relationships.

We believe that all animals deserve to be treated with respect and kindness. We specialize in serving animals we intake from shelters, sanctuaries, rescue groups, and law-enforcement agencies who have run out of other options to preserve an animal’s life. We will find the animals we intake a new loving home if appropriate, or we will give them care and shelter for the remainder of their life.


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