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Sanctuary Hospice is a non-profit, faith-based organization that provides hospice care in our hospice facility or in a patient's home. We are committed to going above and beyond all expectations and providing exceptional service to our patients and their families in their time of need. Our physical facility is in Tupelo, Lee County but we expand beyond this base to serve patients in other counties including Marshall County.

In December 2000, a group of retired medical physicians, nurses and community leaders came together with the community and began the many fundraising efforts that lead to the eventual opening of the non-profit we know as Sanctuary Hospice House in 2005. At Sanctuary Hospice, hospice appropriate patients are accepted regardless of age, sex, race, religion, diagnosis or ability to pay.

When the Sanctuary Hospice House opened, it was chosen to be part of a National Medicare Hospice Demonstration Project – a research endeavor that would investigate the need of inpatient facilities in rural areas. The project was a 5 year study that exempted the hospice house from the requirements that normal in-patient hospices fall under. Normal Medicare hospice guidelines have an 80/20 rule in place for inpatient facilities mandating that 80% of the patient caseload must be provided outside of the facility in order for 20% to be provided for in the facility.

In late 2009 drawing near the end of the study, the local board of directors saw no option but to pursue the opening of a home hospice program so that the Sanctuary Hospice House could meet the Medicare mandate. The staggering waiting lists for beds at the hospice house proved that the need was great for inpatient hospice and it was a need that must be met in our rural area.


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