Thanksgiving Day Block Party

Hosted by: San Francisco City Impact


November 22, 2012


Past Opportunity


Michelle Mendoza

This is a past opportunity

About Thanksgiving Day Block Party

$25 registration per person


-Kitchen: Cooking the meals that will be given to the community
-Deliver Meals: Walking and hand delivering meals to Tenderloin resident buildings
-Prepare Meals: Putting food into containers for the meals to be delivered to the community
-Deliver Groceries: Walking and hand delivering groceries to Tenderloin resident buildings
-Pass Out Groceries: Passing out grocery bags to community residents
-Serve Meals: Giving meals to Tenderloin residents during the block party
-Line Hosts: Greeting community members in line for the block party, making sure the line is moving smoothly
-Runners: Assisting all of the above, serving as the middle person between kitchen, meal preparers and grocery pass-outs
*More jobs to be announced soon.

Goals on this day:

Deliver 5,000 hot meals to homes, Serve 300 hot meals, Deliver 500 grocery bags, Pass out 500 care packages

We need volunteers to help with:


November 21, 2012 7:00pm
This task is filled or completed
Thank you for your interest in volunteering during San Francisco City Impact’s Holiday events! We truly appreciate your time and efforts in helping the Tenderloin community. This year, we are accepting up to 1,000 volunteers per day. As last year, we are asking you to partner with San Francisco City Impact by donating $25. This $25 registration fee is tax deductible and will go directly towards making this event possible.

The volunteering will be from 9am-2pm on Thursday, November 22, 2012.

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