Community Cat Adoption Program Fundraiser

A fundraising campaign for San Antonio Feral Cat Coalition

Our Community Cat Adoption Program is in Crisis Mode!

We cannot save anymore cats and kittens off the streets until we raise funds!

It is summer and the ‘HEAT IS ON’ literally and figuratively. The San Antonio Feral Cat Coalition's Cat Adoption Program's is overflowing with kittens. We have had to close our intake and go into fundraising mode to have enough money for their vetting/food/unplanned illness etc. This means we cannot save anymore cats and kittens until we raise funds to take care of the ones we have.  With the influx of all these newborn kittens, it is high-tide inflow kitten season and low-tide outflow adoptions.
From kitten formula, and high quality food to veterinary care and spay and neuter, our small CCAP program can easily spend hundreds of dollars for each cat or kitten so that they're healthy and ready for their forever homes. The costs add up! 

Our Community Cat Adoption Program relies solely on donations to rescue cats/kittens and pay for all of their care, including: food and medical expenses such as spay/neuter and vaccines. Please consider donating to our CCAP program so that we can continue to provide for our rescue cats and kittens!
Other ways you can help:

These three kittens were rescued by SAFCC from the overflow at ACS where they were in grave danger of either being euthanized or TNR'ed and returned to a feral colony. CCAP took in the kittens and a foster cared for them until they were healthy and happy and ready for adoptions. All will now go to forever homes. Please donate today and help us continue saving cats and kittens off the street!

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About the Organization

San Antonio Feral Cat Coalition

San Antonio Feral Cat Coalition, a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation, is organized to address issues related to feral cats in the San Antonio area. We are all volunteers and serve to improve the welfare of feral cats in our community through a variety of means to reduce their populations through humane programs.

Our vision is to have a community where no kittens are born wild on the street, no cat capable of living in a home is lacking one, and no feral cats are wanting for food, water, and appropriate care and concern.