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Volunteers are a vital link between The SAFE Alliance and the community, providing support in every aspect of our mission to end sexual assault and exploitation, child abuse, and domestic violence.

SAFE's Children's Shelter and Family Shelter campuses offer both individual and group volunteer opportunities. Individuals who want to work directly with SAFE's clients on an ongoing basis attend an in-depth training to learn about trauma and how best to help. Individual volunteers can also serve in areas that involve limited client interaction, like being a community ambassador for SAFE at a fair or fundraiser. If you have a special skill to offer, such as a facilities-related skill (carpentry, electrical work, etc), a skill you can share with our clients (we offer "life skills" classes to survivors), or in some other area, we'd love to speak with you!

Group volunteers can support SAFE in a number of ways, too, from facilities projects (like painting a fence or landscape beautification) to hosting a field day for the children at our Children's Shelter or a movie night for those living in our Family Shelter. For larger volunteer groups, having a budget allows us to be especially creative in what we're able to offer. Past groups with budgets have built playgrounds or re-decorated group therapy rooms.

For more information on either individual or group volunteer opportunities, please contact us at or visit our website

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    Disability Services
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    Community Advocacy
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    Homelessness & Housing
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    Poverty and Hunger
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    Women's Issues
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    Social Justice

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