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No! Emphasizing the positive empowers us to work through challenges in a proactive and productive way. We believe that the current accepted trend of typical anti-bullying programs has merit but falls short of creating a positive school, work, and community culture because the focus is on the “don’t dos” and “shouldn’ts.” On the other hand, Rockin’ the Rage emphasizes what can be done. The hallmark of the program is the simple societal construct of treating people how you would like to be treated.

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We work and/or partner with any person or organization that promotes innovative ways to be kind, caring, and nice to one another, whether it is in school, the workplace, on the highway, in the community, or in any place that RAGE exists. While we recognize that programs exist that focus on this ideal, we believe the project will struggle to gain acceptance unless our youth is engaged fully. To that end, our goal is to help our youth to recognize how being “nice” to one another looks in schools and in society and develop effective, achievable strategies for carrying out that mentality.

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