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The Robin Fund assists people in our community faced with a financial crisis and nowhere else to go. When family finances are in precarious balance any emergency becomes a struggle for survival. In such a situation, a grant or loan from the Robin Fund can be made quickly and without a lot of red tape. It can make a world of difference for the recipient. And thanks to the compassionate administration by GIAC staff and volunteers, 100% of each donation goes directly to people in need!
Many need our assistance for housing – to avoid eviction, and for security deposits to gain housing. Others seek help with utilities - to prevent having them shut off or to provide critical heat in winter. Others have to pay for car repairs to keep a job but where will that $500 come from?
When people live paycheck to paycheck – as many are forced to do – any disruption of their income can become a crisis. An illness may force them out of work for a time, or there may be a layoff, or sometimes just a payroll glitch leaves them without their full pay or any pay on their regular payday.
Fifteen years ago friends and family of Robin Whittlesey started the Robin Fund as a way to perpetuate her legacy of boundless generosity and deep concern for people in the community. Please help us continue this legacy.

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Homelessness & Housing
Poverty and Hunger
Women's Issues

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