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Ride Connect Texas

Ride Connect Texas

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Ride Connect Texas needs you!

As most Americans live seven to ten years beyond our ability to drive, you can provide a vital and important service to seniors. You can give them a ride to see the doctor, shop for groceries, fill a prescription, or get out of the house for social activity or church.

If you've ever known anyone who had to give up their car keys, you understand the need that seniors have for transportation. As a volunteer driver for Ride Connect Texas, you'll meet seniors who need support. You'll open more than car doors . . . you'll give them a touch of independence. Ride Connect Texas brings together volunteer drivers and those who need rides. We handle the scheduling and reimburse you $.50/per mile when the senior is in your car. And we can promise that you'll meet some fascinating seniors and enjoy making a difference in the life of the people you help.

To learn more about being a Ride Connect Texas volunteer driver, please call (210) 558-0007 or go to


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