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The term "outsider art" broadly refers to artists with no formal training, but primarily it has come to describe the work produced by artists with disabilities. It comes from the term "art brut," coined by French artist Jean Dubuffet to describe the artwork of asylum inmates in the 1940s.

Today, outsider art is a thriving medium with a devoted following. RHD has long embraced art programs for people of all abilities as a means of offering creativity-based healing and learning opportunities, and also as a way to empower people to realize their creative potential and explore various means of personal expression. The results are often extraordinary.

"They have this fantastic imagery inside them,'' said Lori Bartol, director of the new studio at LMVTC, one of RHD's many award-winning art programs. "We just give them the tool box."

RHD has created "Outside In," our online gallery, to showcase the work of artists with disabilities across the country, work that is as personal and engaging as it is striking and beautiful. The artwork seen here can also be used on household accessories, tote bags, T-shirts and greeting cards.

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