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Red Line Parkway Initiative

About Us

Imagine a city-wide network of tree-lined trails connecting you to the places you want to go everyday! The Red Line Parkway will be a central part of that network, and you can support our work to get there.

The Red Line Parkway Initiative (RLPI) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2017 that empowers diverse communities to enjoy, develop, and enhance the Red Line Trail and Parkway corridor to serve Central Texas mobility, recreation, parks, arts, affordability, social equity, physical & mental health, public space, and economic needs.

The Red Line Parkway is a proposed linear park and public space along the planned Red Line Trail, extending 32 miles from Downtown Austin to Leander. Our vision is a thriving, inclusive, multi-functional parkway that provides convenient, enjoyable, car-free access to transit, parks, public art, and other urban, suburban, and rural destinations.


We Care About

Health and Wellness
Social Justice

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Tom Wald