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STEM Fair!

Hosted by: Reach the World


May 16, 2014


Past Opportunity


Kristen Lahoda
(212) 288-6987

This is a past opportunity

About STEM Fair!

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Throughout this year, students in our program have been exploring global STEM themes by interacting with mentors from around the world. They have been developing STEM-based projects that reflect the expertise and locale of their international mentor, and are excited to learn more about STEM work right here in NYC! Our participants are middle-school students from Title 1 public schools in underserved areas, so your presence means a great deal!

Reach the World will host a fair that will include the following components:

I) 4:30-4:50: Opening remarks and introductions to NYC STEM Professionals

II) 4:50-5:30: Student interaction/engagement/learning from NYC STEM Professionals

III) 5:30-6:00: Attendee interaction with students’ poster displays – Ask student questions about what student have learned through poster displays

We need volunteers to help with:

STEM Professional 4:50 to 5:30

May 15, 2014 8:00pm
This task is filled or completed
Each STEM Professional in attendance will have a designated place in the room where they can setup or bring any equipment, tools, etc, and students will approach you on a rotating basis to learn about what you do.

Should you elect to attend, we request that you can prepare and provide the following by Monday, 5/12:
- 2-5 Sentences describing what your company/organization/you do.
- An explanation of what type of presentation you will offer to students.

Some questions to consider for your presentation can include:

o Can you do a live demonstration (approximately 10 minutes) for them that can be repeated several times?

o Can students engage with it individually (tactile/visual activities are great!)?

o Is there anything they can walk away with (a handout or worksheet, a small representation of your work)?

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