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Reach the World

Reach the World

About Us

Reach the World (RTW) uses its interactive website to connect students and educators to online, global journeys. These journeys feature a series of structured, Common Core-aligned, and carefully edited media-rich articles, photos and videos posted in real-time by traveler correspondents around the world.

RTW recruits, trains, and manages travel correspondents exclusively through our partnership with the Institute of International Education’s Gilman and Fulbright Scholarship Programs. RTW connects one classroom of students with one travel correspondent based on the site or educator’s preferences. Students participate in a minimum of three videoconferences with their traveler who also functions as a global mentor. Students and educators can email their traveler questions through the website. The RTW experience is intended to be complemented by a unique in-depth content-based project.

RTW serves primarily under-served youth in grades K-12 year-round during the school day as well as after-school and summer programming. RTW’s suite of enrichment programs build from the same core model, which enrich students’ learning opportunities in a personal and meaningful way. RTW offers three core programs: Signature Geographic Literacy and Global Awareness (K-12), STEM Through a Global Lens (6-8), and Career Awareness (9-12).


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