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Raymond Coalition for Youth

Raymond Coalition for Youth

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The Raymond Coalition For Youth empowers the community to promote positive youth development and reduce youth substance use, and suicide risk. We have been doing this collaboratively since 2002 and the key to our success is involving our young people in the process and putting their voice into action. RCFY provides information, resources and services far beyond the Raymond Town lines and our impact is reflected in our ongoing successful outcomes. All of these efforts are reflected on our website and social media accounts.

Why consider giving to Raymond Coalition for Youth? We rely on fundraising, as a nonprofit organization. Prevention work is not one group, one event, one donation. Prevention is every day, working with the community, adults and youths. Prevention is working with all different sectors of the community: Youth-Serving, Education, Healthcare, Faith-Based, Government, Businesses, Parents and Volunteers. Prevention is working with other communities.

We currently employ two full-time staff members and four part-time staff members. We have a very involved Board of Directors, who are volunteers, as well as a great team of Volunteers, community partners and supporters, that continues to grow.

We offer many different levels of giving, all tax-deductible, for this yearly fundraising day. Show your pride in Raymond and your commitment to a Safe and Drug-Free Raymond.

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