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Eileen Wicker
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Raptor Rehab is run almost entirely by volunteers. As a volunteer with RROKI you will have opportunities to participate in education presentations, medical treatment of sick or injured raptors, and the care of birds used for educational programs. These birds need daily caretakers to prepare meals, feed and water, provide check-ups, medical treatment and physical therapy. Every day, no matter the weather outside, we have to clean and maintain cages and crates and interact with the birds. Some volunteers also go to pick up sick and injured birds from outlying areas.

Application Process

Raptors can be aggressive and very dangerous. The training regimen at RROKI is necessarily strict and thorough to protect all parties involved. Training includes a minimum of 12 sessions lasting 4-5 hours, once a week, depending on previous experience and individual advancement. All volunteers must purchase a training manual which will help guide you through your new experiences. The more interest you show, the faster you will advance!
• Volunteers must be 18 years old.
• No previous experience necessary.
• You must be willing to commit a minimum of 4 hours a week.
• Hours are flexible: mostly weeknights and Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday mornings.
• It's a dirty job. Wear your oldest clothes and shoes.
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